05 YZF 450--coolant overflow bottle?

Do i need one of those coolant overflow bottles for my 05 yzf 450 if im going to be woods riding? I have seen the kits but dont know if they are necesary or useful. I havent had the bike long enough to have it overheat yet....Thanks in advance!

It certainly won't hurt - especially if you're doing tight slow technical stuff - your bike will spew coolant really quick if there's little to no airflow.

I think it's worth the 25 bucks - you can also make your own, there's a how to on TT somewhere.

Depends on how fast the trails are. If you end up needing one, try a plastic $1 ketchup\mustard type squeeze bottle and zip tie it to the frame right behind the radiator. Trim the top so the overflow hose fits tightly and coil the remainder in the bottom of the bottle. I used one for an entire season and worked great.

Anyone have the link to the diy one on here? Thanks in advance....

no-one has the link for the diy one?

I'd like to see how to make one too:thumbsup:

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