08 450 & dunes

What is the best paddle for the dunes.What is the besst way to secure the flag to the bike ? Im tired of breaking them.I have resorted to attaching it to my chest protector.

For the paddle you can run a ten if you want but an eight will do fine. As for the flag, A trick I learned from a friend, drill a hole 3/4 of the way back on my rear fender and mount it there. I find it to be out of the way. And for me, it doesn't break as often. just don't put it to close to the seat because it will wack you in the back when leaning back through the woops. of course that does mean you'll have a hole in your brand new fender, but cosmetics don't really concern me so what ever.

I have a mount from Hines Racing http://www.hinesracingf dotcom (link didn't work?)

They have mounts now that attach to the exhaust mounting bracket.


thanx for the info.

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