Can I make my FMF Factory 4 as Quiet as A Q pipe?

Hi everyone :p

I have a full FMF Factory 4 system on my WR450 with the 99/98DB insert but its far to loud for trail riding.

Is there a baffle/ Insert I can buy to make it as quiet as my friends FMF Q pipe?

I have put the standard stainless UK can back back on and it saps loads of power :thumbsup:

Many thanks


i'd like to know the same thing!!

I have the factory 4 pipe... Its obnoxious, isn't it? The quite core inserts turn it from obnixious to just too loud". I even bought the 96db insert and the best I could do was a 98db

I think that "too loud" is the best you are going to get. but it makes a ton of extra power all over the place, doesn't it.

I race and get tested. I ended up getting a stock pipe real cheap and put the pmb insert into it. Total bill: $100

I can now change to the quiet setup when I need it in less than 5 min.

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