Quick Help please

The bolt that holds in my manual decomp assy in place is stripped out....(damnit Dan!:thumbsup: ) I've found it on the yamaha of troy site and see the part number but I need to know what size the bolt is so that I can get a helicoil kit for it.

Also, I don't think I have time to order the OEM bolt as I'm trying to sell the bike and just recently noticed the bad part (stripped hole, lost bolt) where else can I get a bolt like this? I don't want a quick fix that'll screw over whomever buys it...but i want them to be satisfied.

Thanks much


The thread is 6 x 1.0mm. The bolt could be made by hand by taking a common 6mm cap screw, running a nut down on it, and filing the threads off of the nose of the bolt. Backing the nut off will help refresh the new first thread. Then, carefully cut the bolt bolt to the right length, so that it extends in far enough to hold the shaft in, but not so far as to bottom out on it.

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