Looking to grease bearings

Hey Thumpers, I call upon your expetise and wisdom :)

So how hard is it to grease the bearings in the swing arm and all pivot points associated down there?

I have a manual, but looking for experience.

Thanks :D

Very easy. I just did it last week. The manual is a good reference for disassembly/assembly and torque. There is no need to remove the bearings like the manual breaks down unless they need to be replaced. Just grease them up real good and reassemble. Don't forget to remove the shock and grease the bearings on it as well.

I just did one bolt in the linkage at a time, didn't see any need to disassemble the whole thing just for greasing.

Dodger :):D

I did it the hard way. Disassemble the swingarm, remove the shock and linkage. The smallest bearing seems to corrode and waste first. Swingarm bearings seem to last forever. The linkage bearings show wear when you can run a finger over the inner race after it is clean. You will feel a "ripple" in the race. It pays to keep it up. No use tuning the shock and losing it at the bearings.

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