BK Mod Candidate

Is there really a need for the BK Mod on a 2002? I am mechanically inclined, but I really have second thoughts about drilling into an 800 dollar carb! I also want to be able to totally return the bike to stock when I get ready to sell it! I hate it when I buy someone else's bike that they have put all sorts of custom modifications on! I have also found that resale value is better with bolt on products rather than permanent, homemade mods. This is why I am thinking about the P-38 Lightning. Any comments? Thanks!

you want the smallest spit of fuel you can adjust. so little that the "bellows" of the system have a job clearing their lungs. just a spit :) ok?

if you ask here someone will actually tell you what it delivers. whilst i believe it's less than of old i believe that it's still substantial.

if you do long rides with no fuel stations or enduro races where you have the energy to ride three hours without a stop this is a must.

i did a three hour straight last season and came 8/108 on 15/48 gearing. a few fast straights otherwise gears 1, 2 and 3 only.

did the three hours and had about 1/2 gallon left.


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