off-topic>> advice on ISP?

The cost of everything (except TT and THANK YOU!!! for that!) just keeps going up while my wages stay the same... Since the most savvy guys I know hang out here, I thought I would ask where to get the best deal on an Internet Service Provider. I am currently with Mindspring (Earthlink bought them and promptly raised my rate). Maybe I get a good deal now and just don't appreciate it? I ain't the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to such things as computers...or money.

Unlimited access and a local phone connection are the only things I care about (I think?).

I just switched credit cards and saved 3% APR (down to 8.9%) and got till July at 0%. Seemed dumb NOT to, even with a fairly low balance... I also cancelled the so-called "premium" HBO package from the "new and better (more expensive and just as boring)" digital cable they foisted upon us a year ago. May cancel the basic, too. Sold one of the King Cobra motorcycles and returned a pickup load of empty 5-cent deposit cans... now if only I could sell that DR650 :D...maybe get my 6 and 9-year-old boys jobs... rent out my hunting dog... make him catch his own food...

:DWhat can I say? I'm in a slashing, penny-pinching mood... pretty rare for me! Just seems like all these "nominal" expense things build up to quite a lot in a hurry. With our racing season over, I've been waiting for the huge amount we no longer spend on it to start making a difference in freeing up some cash for other things before the start of the next season...still waiting.

In the meantime, NOTHING is safe from my budget cutting!!! I even "volunteered" to "help" my wife do the grocery shopping! (NO WAY we actually eat that much, is there?) :)

Any suggestions on lowering my monthly internet bill without affecting my access to TT would be greatly appreciated! OH! Just remembered: I currently have a dedicated phone line for the computer. I know there is a "black box" device available somewhere that allows normal use of the phone even while you are on the net... anyone know more about this? I am going to cancel the 2nd line and don't want to have to choose between a working phone and using my computer on the net.

LOL, hey here's what I did, I used to be on NetZero, it was free I net just with banner ads that I had a kill hack for. They changed to only 40 free hours and a new version that killed my hack, no problem, I would just change my screen resolutin to a biiger size, hook up adjust the monotor to push the banners off the screen :D. Then they went to only 10 free hours a month, and the frist time I ran out of hours I finally sprun for the unlimited service, its only 9.99 a month, not bad for unlimited, I had a very little used local number so I got on first or second try 54K all the time. I too used a second line. I had been waiting for cable service for like 2 years and earlier this year it came. I canceld my $10 / mont netzero account but keep my free account so I still use the same email address. I canceled my second phone line @ $32 / month and picked up cable broad band Blazing fast service @ $40 / month and now Im spending the same amount of $ and have way fast always on service, with web space, 5 emal accounts. I had a plan to get some of the cash back but never did it,, ehh humm err ehhh hummm. I Installed a Wireless LAN / router/ Firewall and use the wireless so I dont have to run cable thrugh the appartment, I have some laptops I can walk all around with, outside, in the hot tub, living room ect, ect, I could "Pimp" out my cable access to my close neighbors with a wireless USB adapter for say $10 a month to like 2, 3, or 4 of my neighbors, they could all use one of my 5 unique email address and I could control there access through my firewall (looks like one user to cable company). If I got 4 of them at $10 / month, my service is free, its way worth it to them for broad ban access for only $10!!!!

Oh BTW, the "Black box" multi line switch dose require call waiting and I think like caller Id too but Im not sure. So if you dont have those services you will have to pay for them too! I am not sure how well they work either since I dont need one :). Good luck with what ever you decide, check out Oh hey, also, if you go the broad ban route, If you have some one you spend alot of long distance phone time with, you can use VOIP soft/hardware and talk for free!!! You both have to have the setup though.

I use

I pay $10/month unlimited. Like AOL, you MUST logon to netzero before downloading e-mail. You can now access netzero e-mail off of ANY computer. This service is new. Fast would be superb (cable modem) but unfortunately cheaper does it for me.

Just punch up ISP's on your search engine (I swear by You should get a list of local providers. I did this at my Sister's house in MN. I think she pays ~$7/month w/ her provider, She had been paying $20/month.

I have never had to log onto netzero to pull my email in, but it will not let you use their SMTP server to send mail out unless your logged into a NZ server. I just pull my netzero mail in from their POP server and send my replies out via whatever ISP im logged into, Comcast cable in my case. Its nice for me because I can always keep that email account regardless of what ISP I use my email adress can always stay the same. I do use the Comcast accounts to especially for any big files or when buying stuff online, that way, when they start SPAMMING you with ads even though you tell them not to, you can just change you Comcast account and bye bye the Spam!!! :)

LOL Kevin, Im a cheapa$$ too, but Im also in to puters and like I said, it worked out the same amount of money for faster service since I had a second phone line I was paying for.

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