Panic. what do I do

HI All, I bailed off my 08 450 last week at about 85km/h. It hurt and I have been too beat up this week to even look or clean my bike, this morning, did the post mortem.

Raidiator looks like its twisted( not leaking) do i need to replace it?

Front wheel is off center by about 10 to 15 degrees?::thumbsup: How do I straighten this, is something bent? I dont know even where to sart looking, everything looks ok, Please help:excuseme:

If it doesnt leak dont worry about it

As far as your forks, loosen the pinch bolts on the forks and straiten the wheel to the bars between your legs.

This these are the things that panic you?

At title with "Panic" in it may be "Im having chest pains and I cant get to a hospital or my house is on fire and the front door is locked"

Calm down Son

thanks for the help , had a closer look now, seems like the one fork is more forward than the other one. will follow your advice, phew, my bike is brand new, and spend alot of $$ on it, panic may have been overstating slightly!

but yes my heart did beat a bit faster when i realized my scoot could be damaged:):thumbsup:

im with you. i dumped my wr last night doing 55. the bike has some bent bars and i have some road rash

my rad is bent on the one side . it works just fine . make sure nothing on it looks pinched or twisted or it could restrict flow or break .

If you care enough there is a company that will blow out your radiator, but I can't remember their name right now. They advertise in the back of dirt rider or dirtbike magazine.

You have heart. I always worry about my bike after a crash, wondering if It will be ok.

How you doing? Hope you have a speedy recovery. Hope your bike is ok too.

I came off my bike just today, was riding through an intersection when the guy next to me (in a car) decided he needed to turn right across in front of me. I hit his car right in the driver's door at about 40 km/hr. Funny thing is the thought I had right before I hit him was, "This is going break something expensive. You f*#@ing prick! (to the car driver)". Surprisingly though the only damage was a broken front fender and a bent mirror. As for me, I got lucky, bruised shoulder, sore wrist and ankle, and a hole in my shin (ie. my shin hit something quite sharp and it punctured the skin and muscle). The driver of the car came out worse off (serves him right if you ask me), the collision had shattered his window and showered him in glass, cutting his face up pretty bad (he was bleeding all over the place). He was OK other than that, although he did get taken away in an ambulance. I rode my bike home, still nice to know I've ridden home from every time I've come off :thumbsup:.

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