Flywheel Weights

Hi all, this probabaly has been talked to death, but what has been determined to be the best all around weight for the WR400.Who has the best price, and do I need to purchase a puller.


folk started on 8oz but the site settled mainly on 10oz with a few under and a few over at 12oz.

get your jetting right at low revs and although still a good idea they aren't quite as necassary.

if you do tight enduros you may want to buy a juice clutch first.

either way the combo of light flywheel, stiff clutch, poor carburation versus fanning cluch, excellent carbo and a flywheel that you know ain't gonna stall in all that gloop; is money and time well worth spending on your steed.

i used a stealy.

by getting all three right you can even gear the bike up for trail and street work as well.


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