Best tire for desert riding?

I have an 07 yz 450f and my stock tire is worn down. What is the best tire for riding in the desert and with a few rocky hills? Thanks.

Though opinons on tires are like opinions on oil, I have had great success with the MAxxis Desert IT on the rear. Not too pricey, good traction in most conditins, and wears like iron. Also, I've never flatted one. Stay away from the ITs onthe front, though..they are like riding on marbles. I run a Maxxis SI on te front and it's not too bad.

Dunlop 952 rear. Same wear as the Maxxis or better, and better traction, lighter weight.

Use it with a D755 front, or a 952.

Maxxis IT, but it will chunk in rocky terrain like up at Stoddard. Great for Ocotillo or Plaster City.

I have the maxxis desert it on my bike and i ride desert and mx and it works great. It also has a slow wear time. I really like this tire, and this would be a great desert tire.

Having used both, the 952 is definitely better for desert use.

Go with the Maxxis in the desert. I ride more single track than desert, so I run the IRC M5B. But thats me.

I ride an '06 yz450 in the AZ desert which is pretty much like riding on granite - 50% trails & 50% rocky single track. I currently have a set of 952's. I like the front a lot. Grip in the loose stuff is surprisingly good. Hard terrain is no problem either except the side knobs are showing some tearing.

I like the grip on the rear, but the life is not good enough. I have about 10 hours of trail riding and the tire is toast for dry surfaces - about 60% gone and mosly chunked. I will probably go another couple of rides because in the blazing summers here I only ride after it rains and traction is not really an issue.

I had a Maxxis IT on my '05 yz250 and saw almost no visible wear in five rides on the same trails. Yeah, I get it about four-strokes being harder on tires.

I had a 426 for five years and the only tire that survived out here with decent traction was...ahem...the Cheng Shin C755. They are just hard to find now that rocky mtn doesn't carry them any more.

I have another 952 rear to go through and I will probably try the Maxxis.

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