1999 WR 400

I'm looking at purchasing a 1999 WR400 and was wondering what I should be looking for in a 99? Also what would be a good price? $3800?

If it's (Clean) and perfectly maintained then $3800 is a good deal. If it's average then $3200 is normal. If it loos like it's been thrashed but recoverable (Project Bike)then $2200 seems to be the bottom line at the moment.

Look the bike over carefully, ask about maintenance, ask to see records for $3800. Ask questions like when was the last bearing replacement (Not Repack) Remember it's 3 years old now...If they havn't been replaced automatically deduct $300.00 from the asking price. Look at the frame carefully for dents in the major weld points on the frame. If it's pretty well beat up deduct another $300 , Crank it up and listen to the upper end....It's probably gonna be a bit loose, and that's ok...Listen for unusually loud valve train...Usually means the valves have not been properly shimed, Deduct $150, Pull the dip stick, If the oil is black or milky (WALK AWAY) Anyone that is asking top dollar for a bike and has not bothered to change the oil doesn't give a damn about the bike and you're fixing to get screwed. If thats ok give the bike a very good visual inspection....Bring a 10mm socket/ratchet and an 8mm socket and a flat tip screwdriver. Remove the seat and tank and check the air filter and the wiring...(This will make the seller very nervous, and if he has something to hide he will begin talking about anything....If this happens WALK AWAY...) If everything is OK....put it back together and check the coolant....Your looking for drops of oil or burned out coolant (Smell it) If you find either...WALK AWAY... Next visually check everything else....I also like to get the front wheel off the ground and spin it....Listen for dry bearings and check the rim for bends and dings, also look at the spokes for bends.

If you have made it this far...and the seller still wants to sell it too you, it's time to take her for a spin. Check everything throttle smoothness, brake control, clutch mechanics....Smack it hard, Pin the throttle...You need to find out ahead of time what kind of shape this thing is in....Your not gonna hurt it if it's been well maintained.

Remember it's your money....ask questions...take notes...You may look at three or four before deciding....The seller is not your friend, your buddy or your pal....They are a reverse ATM just waiting for your money to be deposited....OBO means you assume all the risk! while they enjoy the reward....

Good Luck....

Bonzai :)

Thanks for the info. I will be using it when I go to look at it. I found out the he has a moto-tote, FMF power core pipe, front tire, spokes, oil, filters, wrenches etc. It only has about 300 miles. Still worth $3800?


I would still follow Yama's advice. Anyone can throw some accessories on a bike to sell it. I ask about the spokes being replaced???? :)

Hey Yamakaze.......remind me not to sell a bike to you. Just kidding :) Great post thanks.

Never take anyones word for how many miles are on a bike....The condition and maintenance will speak for it's self. Be Cautious, and be pickey...and remember your there to buy a bike, the carrier shouldn't play a role in your decision "concerning the bike" thats an extra.

I would be extremely suspicious of anyone that told me they had a 3 year old bike with 300 miles on it.... I run farther than that on a yearly basis.

Good Luck...

Three months back I purchased a 2000 WR400 with a plate (almost street legal) for $3800. Bike was in great shape although I wished I had YAMAKAZE's list at the time...

Great info Yamakaze, bought my '99 in fall of 2000 and got ripped off. Was away from bikes close to 20 years, went alone, and it was the first bike I looked at. Never do what I did. Funny thing is when I got there I sat in the car a few seconds preparing myself to turn around if not 100%. Still don't know why I bought! Go with a friend and be inclined to walk more than to buy. The bike was basically trashed and yes it became a project bike that I should have payed for 2000 less than bought. Will never forget this episode.

I've got a 2000 WR 400 in great shape. Well maintained with 1100 miles on it. $3800

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After you purchase a bike don't look back. You will always be able to find a better deal. The key is to be happy with your purchase and look forward to all the fun you will have. Within the last year I purchased a new Chevy truck and for weeks aftwards would look in the paper to see if I got a good deal... and then get pissed if I saw a deal that would have saved me a few hundred bucks! In the grand scheme of things a few extra bucks will not kill you. Sounds like the Rep might have a deal for you.

Ooops, got a little mixed up, asking $3500 in another post.


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