'08 Scotts stabilizer tower - Pics

I've been using a Scott's damper since 2003. Yes, they make a big difference.

If you've just purchased one and don't notice a difference, try this. Go on several rides with it. Then try taking it off and riding without it some day. Then you'll see the difference it makes.

One of the great things you will notice about the Scotts damper is that you don't notice it.

It's not in the way, it's operation won't interfere with you at all. After about 4 times out with it, you might notice that you are more relaxed. You may notice that, yes, the wheel still digs and pulls at the ruts in the sand washes, but the wiggle never gets amplified like it used to. You may notice that, yes, hitting square edged ruts or holes at an angle, or smacking a rock of center still kicks the wheel over, but now when it lands, it just straightens up without the fierce "tank slapper" thing it used to do. Then again, maybe you won't notice it. That's the beauty of it.

But, like KAS says, just unbolt it and ride without it again after 4-5 rides with it. You won't be gone long. :thumbsup:

Sounds like something I might be interested investing in.

knucklehead- I always feel like a gorilla (see user name)

Windseeker- Thanks man, I like yours to. :thumbsup:

Finally got mine on Saturday! Installed and tested it on mx track on Sunday. :p

I know it makes huge difference on stony (realy stony) tracks or nose diving in dunes (fun trail adv etc riding, enduros) - but I didn't get into the situation to check it on a smooth mx track...

Can any mx riders share how they find damper useful? :thumbsup:



On an MX track, braking bumps could be made less frightful with a damper, or in whoops, all kinds. Eh, maybe it just looks good and is better money spent than on anodized timing cover plugs and constant graphis changes:thumbsup:

I just installed the submount kit on my 08 YZ, as we all know the bar raised a little bit, do I have to change anything on the back of my bike? (raise the shock or anything?), or should I leave it the way it was?


You can`t rise your shock. However if the handlebars feel to be too high now, you might try using bars with lower bend.


I wonder if thr DR.D Hour Meter bracket will fit in there.

That would look cool.

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