Dr. D exhaust questions

I would recommend the stainless steel/aluminum DRD. Look at btosport.com, they have it for $439. The carbon canister is lighter but it's a lot less durable and does require more frequent packing. I've heard as often as every 4 hours but you should confirm that. The engine performance is the same for either the stainless steel or the carbon and the system is amazing on the 08 YZ450F. But then again, anything is better the 08 stock exhaust.


Does anyone else care to comment? $372 for the carbon system is a great deal imo.

This was taken from the Dr. D website:

The Carbon Can should not be run with the quiet insert, and attention needs to be paid to the condition of the silencer packing on a regular basis to increase the life of the Carbon Fiber.

I emailed them and got this response regarding repacking (carbon system more often than stainless):

Where did you read that ? We recommend you repack about every 15 to 20 hours depending on what kind of riding you are doing.

I have seen lots of cabon fiber pipes bust pretty bad in crashes, they are not as durable as Stainless. the only reason for them is weight and looks. But yes, thats a good price for a carbon

Heck now that I think about it, MRD custom makes you a pipe for where you want the power and he repairs for the life of the pipe, so if you crash and send it to him he will fix for free. I hear his pipes are awesome. And its about 350-400 for a MRD pipe

Can't go wrong with the DR. D Stainless system. Carbon fiber looks nice, but I have had them, used them, and watched them crack and break into an un-useable state. Stick with the staineless for the dollar value.

I am very happy with mt Dr.D pipe on my 08. In fact it solved a small jetting issue that I could not fix with the pilot or needle. I would buy another if need be.

The Dr. D system is great. It works like it is supposed to, is affordable, and their customer service is awesome.

The Dr. D system is great. It works like it is supposed to, is affordable, and their customer service is awesome.

+1 :thumbsup:

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