What digital camera to buy???

I've got a Minolta DiMAGE 7. 5.2 mega pixels, 10x zoom (7x optical and 3x digital), and I love it so far. I have taken some roadracing photos with it and they turned out pretty good (for my first weekend with the camera) (some of them are on www.tfsraceteam.com if anyone is interested in them) They were a little grainy because I didn't have the resolution set high enough, but I'm learnin'.

If you go to www.tfsraceteam.com check out the pictures tab and go to the roebling road race to see the pics.


Didn't mean to exclude anyone. Bill never sent me an email or responded to anyone's reply so I guess he's not that interested anyway.

I'd be willing to help anyone out with any questions they may have. I know more about cameras than I do about fixing motorcycles – that’s why I offered my help.

Personally I own about 6 digital cameras. Half of which are commercial quality and don't apply here. The others are still professional quality but more reasonable priced ($5,000 and under). The Nikon D1 being my favorite. I also have an Olympus and a Minolta, both that I highly recommend.

There's a lot of options depending on what your skill level is and uses will be. It's also a lot of money to spend so that's why I wanted to get with him directly.

Didn't mean to offend.


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