How do you clean fork seals?

Are you supposed to pop the dust covers down before cleaning the seal?

yup! Then clean the area below the seal really good before you start on the seals.:thumbsup:

Just be careful when cleaning. Dont use brake spray to clean seals. That stuff will dry out the seal and may make the contact part of the seal crack. When that happens, you are SOL and will have to replace the seals.

If they leak it is time to change them and get fresh oil anyway in my opionion.

maybe thi can help. it helped me.

I haven't had to mess with my 06 450 yet, but on my old KTM 500MX with White Power upside down forks, they would leak regularly, and I'd pull the dust covers and get a piece of 35mm film negative, and push them up against the fork tube, and up past the seals and work them around and around and clean the dirt out, and it worked almost every time, no more leak. Its worth a shot anyway before tearing them down.

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