Make your own black plastic!

Just wondering if any one has seen this how too on turning your blue stuff black. I just did this and it is coming out awesome! I added some details to the last page of this sticky! If this link does not work, it is in the yz 2 stroke forum, up top as a sticky! :thumbsup:

That looks like it works well. Black tanks might look good, but wouldn't the attract more heat from the sun? How is that a good thing?

Once you put graphics on and shrouds there will be very little BLACK showing. It is just for show. Allot of the tanks for aluminum frames are black already, aren't they? I am putting white '05 plastics on my 02 426, and only want blue in certain places. And thats not on my tank. I looked for a good used black tank and did not want to pay what they wanted. got a good used blue one. Now it is black!

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