Front master cylinder YZ426

Hi there

i own a 2002 YZ426

i had to put a new front brake line on, so l decided a braided brake line

B4 l removed original line l didnt flush all the brake fluid out of master cylinder and caliper

So after putting new line on and trying to bleed the brakes. Nothing would flush through the system

i have pumped the brake lever so many times , and tried numerous ways to get the fluid through.

Seems as though the master cylinder has a BIG air bubble??

Fluid does dribble out but extremely slowly

i am using a one person brake bleeder line on the caliper also

Any suggestions that may help would you mind responding and give me the tips.

i have just done a top end rebuild(valves etc) and l cant even ride the bike.



thanks for link

and l done it, l had to remove master cylinder and pour fluid into the main part where the bolts goes it. quickly get it together..

and start pumping, it virtually worked straight away. all done now

and thanks

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