The Trail Tech aluminum kick stand (PIC's).


This is what you get.


Stainless steel spring catch.


“ElCheapo/Plasteaco,” poor choice of material for the base.


Plated steel bracket, with excellent large, beefy, shoulder bolt.


Plated steel metric mounting screws.


Comes polished to perfection, bolted up perfectly.


Poor design...when the stand is folded, it crashes against the side panel. :)


Machine work was done to perfection. Great looks!


The hard part of the installation was the spring. I used a screw driver to pry and slide the spring on the stainless steel catch.


The WR kickstand look, but with less weight. :)

Nice post. How much did that beuty cost?

That looks very similar to the one I bought from Baja Designs. Mine uses most of the WR parts and a machined aluminum bracket to mount it. $150

nice :)

I paid more than that :D

More and more companies must be making them now, helps drive the price down. Still a lot of money for a kickstand IMO.

The stock steel kickstand weighs quite a bit. I can see why people take them off for good!

I presume this will fit a WR w/o modification?




No modifications were done to my WR for the Trail Tech KS installation.

None of the aftermarket side stands look very strong to me. I like to sometimes start my bike while it's on the sidestand. Do you think it's strong enough to hold the weight of the rider, too?

It’s well built accept for the composite base. If anything is going to break it most certainly will be that. I too, like to start my bike with the kickstand down. I guess time will tell how the base holds up. You would think parking it on gravel would destroy it.

One question about the aftermarket sidestands, do they stop the heal of your boot from rubbing on the stand while you are riding?

Man that drives me nuts w/ the stock wr stand.

This stand doesn’t stick out as bad as the stock WR kick stand. Plus, the main bracket sits back a little farther on the frame than the stock one. I would think the boot rubbing would be less of a problem.

Thanks for the nice post.

Here are a few bits of info:

The stand is cold forged and the pivot is CrMo. Standing and kicking is no problem. As well, boot rubbing should not be an issue.

We modified the tooling to move the foot from the side cover. The current one hits on some bikes, not on others. If yours hits, call in and ask for a new pivot plate (free when they are done).

It would actually be much less expensive to make to foot from metal. The foot is plastic to keep it from getting sharp. A metal foot gets sharp from use on rocks/pavement. When sharp, the foot is an extremely hazard. Getting tangled with a sharp foot on a crash can lead to serious cuts (one of our riders got 18 stitches from a sharp kickstand foot).

The trail tech kickstand is 1 pound lighter than the stock WR stand.

TrailTech: (check your private messages).

The stand is no doubt built like a tank, my compliments on a fine product. Thank you for explaining about the plastic foot, there definitely would be a safety issue with a metal one.

I’m glad to hear about the re-tooled pivot plates. It’s not a real big issue, but it keeps picky people like me happy LOL. :)

Anyway nice job, and hope to see more aluminum products from you guys! Have you ever considered an aluminum WR/YZ frame? :D

Funny you should mention frames. We are working on frame design for the 250F - this bike needs to be lighter! Not sure if we will ever make it to market.....

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