WR 450 F 2008 Model newbe questions


I live in Tanzania and got myself a WR450 last week. i had to wait for 6 month to get it from Japan and it seems to have all the specs you guys talk about (throttle control switch and so on)

I have some few questions:

1. Do i need to put the other Set of Jets that came in the box. Seems bigger than original (straight to question 2)

2. What is the original Jetting and do i need to rejet living at sea level and in a hot country?

3. I put out the peepipe or whatever it is referred to her in the forum and the spark arrestor (can i remove the spark arrestor or what is it good for other than legal issues?---- which we dont have here)

4. I shorteded the throttle control and the bike seems to have more than plenty power now. How important is the airbox modification and where is a nice howto with pics in the forum. (I will keep looking myself but internet is so slow here that it gets a bit time consuming)

5. What ratio would you use going mainly flat sandy fast sections and single trails at 20-40 mph. I would also like to be able to go at lets say 120 KM/h (65mph) without reving too much. What is the best ratio for that? What is used in the big rallies?

6. which exhaust is good loud and light (dont need more power and rejetting f possible) Just want to ride and not here nothing...

7. Handle Bar raiser? I am 6.1 and am used to standing a lot. Will a raiser change the position or is that the WR450 geometry?

8. RPM Meter? Can i get a nice easy rpm meter which gives me an idea on how high i ref?

9. I s the cooling enough in hot countries? If not what do i need to modify?

It would be nice to get some answers on that.

Thanks mates. :thumbsup:


Hi There, most of your questions can be answered, if you look at the sticky at the top of the forum.

Well done on going through all that trouble to get a Yammie, Ive been to TZ, are there actually any Yamaha Dealers there?:p as far as you bar height is concerned, you need a scotts triple clamp mount, which has two functions:It raises the handle bars and it gives you a place to mount a Scotts damper, lookup Shimwells Yamaha on the Web.

What Ive done to mine:

1.Airbox Snorkel removed

2.Grey Wire removed

3."Pee Pee" Exhaust/muffler nozzle removed

4. AIS Removed ( GYTR KIT)

5. GYTR Jetting

6.Cycra ProBends

7.Hyde Frame and Swingwarm Guards

8.Scotts Triple Clamp and Damper

9.Acerbis Front Disk Guard

10.Twin Air air Filter

11.Iridium Spark plug

BTW, the stock WR Jetting is ok for sea level here in South Africa, im not so sure ablut that weather in TZ though, that humidity is crazy.:thumbsup:

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