How To Store Engine Out Of Frame?

I am going to be taking my engine out of the frame to get it powder coated however with the frame being part of the oil loop I am wondering what the best way to store the engine without out so that it doesnt seize up? The engine will be store indoors (spare bedroom) if that makes a difference?

How long? Six months? Six years?

I plug every opening by stuffing some paper towels in. I also encase the engine in a plastic bag, with the opening taped shut. Keeps bugs from making homes and reduces the likelihood of humidity from entering. I have stored engines like this in a garage for a few years with no signs of storage related problems.

it should hopefully only be for a month or 2, will any oil need leving in it anywhere or just completely drain it. Also if oil does need to be kept in how can I keep it from gettin out?

The only thing that I would recommend for long term storage for your engine is the set it to TDC so all of the valves are closed. This could keep the springs equally unloaded and help keep the motor (cylinder) protected from any possible environmental changes.

No, a fwew months you need not worry about much. Just plug the openings, seal in a big garbage bag.

maxtherat makes an excellent point about having the cams off the valves.

Is it a stupid question to say how do I do that?

put it in a ice chest. without ice...

Is it a stupid question to say how do I do that?

Only stupid questions are those not asked or asked by the same person over and over.

On the left side of the engine are two plugs, one on the side of the stator cover, one on top. Remove them. With a socket on the large nut in the side hole, rotate the engine. Look through the smller one, when you see a single line, you are at TDC. May want the spark plug out when doing this to make it easier.

Thanks mate will give it a go

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