WR450 for commuting?

As we all know, gas prices are getting higher and will probably never come down to a sane level.:p

I have my WR450 set up for dualsporting. I have all of the essentials to make it barely street legal..along with 14-44 gearing to keep the revs down for when I'm on the road. My question is this.....has anybody used their bike for commuting on a weekly basis? And have you seen any ill effects? I would be riding my bike on secondary roads at about 40 to 55 mph, doing a round trip of 40 miles per day.

Any insight would be greatly helpfull.:thumbsup:

Thanks in advance.

I started commuting on my 07 about a week ago. Water pump seal leaking, but it was leaking before. I ride about 50-55 miles a day on a backroad at about 60mph. Sometimes faster if I'm running late. Feels great in the twisties:ride:

I run my 07wr450 supermoto hard on the back roads and still get it the mid forties for gas milege . I killed plenty on non o-ring chains and a few rear tires . but I think this is all normal I have well over 3000 on road miles on mine and have had not had any issues that are not normal service :thumbsup:

I recommend you disconnect the TPS, if it is bothering you, of course...

My WR is not fun on the road.

Why disconnect the TPS?

Why disconnect the TPS?

because if your WR isnt jetted right it will sputter on the road at a constant speed

It's never good to stay at constant speed for these kind of engines, I would keep the TPS and vary the throttle instead when riding.

If your the slightest lean jetted in some range rpm's and stays there for longer periods, your engine is toast.

mine has been fine with the tps hooked up. BUT I spent the money to have mine dialed in on a dyno.

what is this TPS?

throttle position sensor -------- t.p.s

As we all know, gas prices are getting higher and will probably never come down to a sane level.:p

I often hear of gas prices in America being high but here in Australia we are currently paying equivalent to US$1.55 per litre. What do you guys pay per litre in the states. Our federal government gouges us heavily in excises & the people is Australia are getting P*&%$d off.

Its no longer what we used to call "The lucky country" :thumbsup:

Try £1.25 GBP per litre.................:p

What a fecking joke it is over here :thumbsup::p:cry:


1.25GBP/litre is 2.465 USD/litre or 1.580 Euros for me in Spain:thumbsdn:

I´ve been reading this thread because I´m thinking of buying an 08 WR450, I have a 1998 XR600 R now but want a change for winter. The honda´s great on the road just too heavy off road, will be using it on road during the week and in the mountains at the weekend.

i have an 03 450wrf

have riden approx 6000ks in the last 3 months on the road..

havent had a problem yet.. had a minor mishap when the standard chain shite itself and snapped.. no damage though.

currently running 16-42 gearing and avg speed would be 60-80km/ph and i do a 75km round trip a day to work and home.

i change oil when required which is every 1000ks to 1500ks and oil is never really that black after that distance.

i can get 220ks form the standard tank without hitting reserve but prob not far from it.

all valve clearances are still in spec havent had to adjust them since i have had it.

very impressed from what is known to be a high maintenance bike.

We're paying about $1 per liter (a little more actually). Not high compared to you guys, but generally, we don't like taxes here. We're used to paying $0.33 per liter. At $4/gallon, it seems to have changed peoples' car buying habits from trucks to cars. At $3/gallon, I really didn't notice the change. Our economy (and our dollar) has been dropping, too, which hurts.

I've got my WR450 set up for commuting. Latest addition was D606 tires. Would like to get the revs down on the street. I currently have a 13t up front and stock rear sprocket for the trails. I'm thinking a Rekluse will let me go up a tooth or 2 in the front for offroad (without losing ability to climb the tough sections) and drop my revs on the street?

Last trail ride, I purposely rode 6 miles of twisty pavement, both ways to the trailhead. I really enjoyed it, but the revs need to drop.

Okay, you guys suck toads.

WHy? Cause you can dual sport your wrs, thats why.....

HI HO from Kalifroniastan....

Back to my hole....

Put a plate on from something else, then don't get pulled over. I did that for a year or so. Now I have a grandfathered WR. Woo! Don't lose hope!

but...I don't see the connection between cyrillic/proto-eastern naming convention and environmental legislation :thumbsup:

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