May31-last day to ride So-cal deserts!

May 31 is the last day to ride with red stickers in most of so-cal deserts - Jawbone,dovesprings,

superstition mountain,etc. Get your last ride of the season in! Kennedy Meadows is open year round.

I'm heading out to Cal-City this weekend if anybody is interested in going. :)

Ah, the reason my bike is dual sported...... Granted, it's a '99 with a green sticker but I couldn't resist :)

Besides, after May 31 the desert is too stinking hot for riding :D


After may 31 is the time to break out the boat and jet ski and head to Mead or Laughlin. :)

18,000 acres to be exact. I was just out there 2 wks ago and all they did was close off the openings in the fence that they put up 10 yrs ago. Tell me this wasn't on the enviro geeks' wish list all along.

Despite the total lack of any shred of evidence that we have anything to do with the alleged reduction in Desert Tortoise population, they put up a fence that increases the average mileage from point to point, and they try to tell us that it reduces the traffic. Then they start closing selected trails within the fenced area, and tell us it won't impact the "open" trails. The "open" trails get massively whooped out, riders protest by riding closed ones, then they tell us they are closing the whole area because a few riders "violate" the closed signs and the overuse of open trails is too "intensive" for the endangered species that live there.

Is it me, or is there a pattern here?

I have ridden the area for 30 years. I have seen one tortoise killed by a motorcycle, but many saved from injury or death by motorcyclists. I have seen perhaps two dozen tortoises, 50 coyotes, hundreds of lizards and jackrabbits, and thousands of crows (natural enemy of the tortoise). The population never seems to change over that time, except for the crows. I am not aware of what evidence they are using to claim a reduction in tortoise population, but if it is true, I wouldn't doubt the exploding population of crows has something to do with it.

Support your favorite recreational rights group, because the greens are not about to stop here!


Dan, your exactly right,it's the friggin crows that is the biggest impact on the tortise! What i heard;ever since they closed down one of the local

garbage dumps,the crows now have nothing to rumage trough! Can you say TURTLE SOUP! If you notice on most of the barbwire fences heading towards the drylake, ther are nails-spikes sticking up from the posts!That's so the crows can't sit there and stalk there next victim.Also i have seen a picture

of a crows nest-guess what was inside?You got it-a

sh** load of baby tortise shells. It's never been the riders! I'll be by the correction facility this weekend if anybody is heading out.

Looks like I'm done for the summer until our club restarts in Sept and Oct with the enduro schedule. Enjoy the ride.


The first thing that comes to mind is setting up a lemonade type stand on I-15 with a sign that reads "Green Stickers For Sale".

Hey, if illegal aliens can do it with drivers licenses, without getting prosecuted I might add, then why not?


I live and ride in the desert and the last thing we worry about out here is the so called riding seasons mandated by the feds and carb. Just stay away from the so called Open Riding areas and you have little to no worries about that red sticker crap.

By the way, several thousand acres of riding in the Cal City area (West Rand Mountains) was recently closed, so theirs alot less whoops to ride out that way thanks to the granola heads.

Here's a tip, there are alot more good places to ride in the Mojave that the places where most folks congregate.(read no whooped out junk).




They legaly cannot keep you from riding with your red, There is no law on the books!.. But you would have to show in court (if they do manage to ticket you) Just mention to the judge that you could not find the vehicle code to cover it, would he be kind enough to tell you what violation it's under.. Viola! Out the door you go.. Now, get caught without your sparky! That is hammer time on you. $500.00....Ouch!


It is truly sad that these do-gooders who have nothing else going on in their pathetic lives, continue controlling others how to live. :D

I not sure if the "Tortise Reserve" is still there, but there use to be this Greenie living there,we even got to know the guy ! once he listened to our story as to why we ride dirt bikes, camp with our families, etc. he then saw a different side of what he thought was "Hells Angels" tearing up the desert.

Even told us that many of us off-roaders knew more about the turtles and the desert then most of his enviro buddies.

Like Dan said, years of riding there and we can not claim any turtle killings, heck I can think of two endo's caused avoiding the turtles


Good luck guys !!! As to close down the places were I taught my two boys to ride would truly be a shame. Maybe instead of spending our weekends there, I should have let my kids hang-out in the city with the really cool dudes


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