APJ question (Taffy?) or anyone else


Bought the recommended carb bits today from Allens, but I have a couple more questions.

They don't sell the starter jets, and I can't get any sense from Yamaha (stock jet only available) - any ideas?

Also, Steve at Allens stated you cannot get the 0.024 APJ. Is it a component you are recommending I try, or is there a setting I need to change here?

If all goes well, I will try this all out at Waddon on the 15th for Enduro practice day.



starter jet is for starting ONLY. I could not get one either.

as for your APJ, you want to set the STROKE AND TIMING. Since you have the 2K bike, you can use the BK modification on your APJ.

I can get you one... Which SJ do you want, I can get #60/#55/#50 from my dealer.... I use a #55 in winter with great results. The stock jet is a #65

Bonzai :)


I am after the 60SJ. Would be great to get one from you, but which side of the pond are you on. If UK side, I can get a cheque off to you tomorrow.


Try ard-racing,i`m not sure if the carb on the yz-wr 400 are the same,if you can`t get a jet for the wr,they may have a yz part that will do the job.I found this with the 426.


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was out of town racing this past weekend. I just ordered the 60 SJ for you, It will be in by Thursday. Just consider it a Christmas present. PM me with your address and I'll get it on it's way to you this weekend...(Gotta Find a pesky Customs Form)


Bonzai :)


What a star - that's a really cool offer. I just managed to find one (I hope it's right) from ARD in the UK, so this weekend, new jetting, YZ timing and an opportunity to practice race against some friends should have my smiling like a 6 year old on Christmas day.

Thanks again for your generosity. What a great forum, with great people.


yamakaze if you did order the 60 starter jet lmk and i will buy it off you i seems tall john had some luck finding his i am in the US air force in england so finding it could be tough,shoot me how much,so you won't get stuck with it,sometimes Luck runs that way for tall john,thats the last jet i need,hey taffy i should be at the thursday pub dinner this week.

That b***dy 60 SJ. Having been told one was on it's way from ARD in the UK, I have now just been told they can't get any in until January (sometime!).

Bill, if the offer of the jet is still open, please let me know, as I am still short of that illusive jet.

Until then, does anyone know how my Taffy jetted WR will run with the original SJ installed? May just have to suck it and see.



john, john, john. calm down. it's a choke jet alright? the only bloody performance you need to worry about is starting it up! alright, so calm down.

the start jet delivers fuel when cold, on choke, and at no other time.

a good bike will start on the choke, stay there two minutes HAPPILY, then when you put the choke in it doesn't miss the choke and it doesn't stall either.



Nice one Taffy. You know what it's like, I have a bee in my bonnet about getting everything sorted. Big group of us out on Sunday (with helmet cameras for a laugh), so I just wanted to be sure I was kicking up dirt at the front. Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again.


Taffy, Yamakaze

Tried out the Taffy jetting this weekend - and what a fantastic difference. Starts easier (hot or cold), no backfiring, and the power delivery is much smoother. I now have the grunt in second gear to power wheely without an almighty tug on the bar. The power seems good throughout the entire rev range too, although the bike still doesn't rev as high as I would have thought. Previously the power ran out at high revs, now it pulls all the way to the limit. Friends out at Waddon at the weekend thought the bike was transformed from what it was before.

So thanks both for the advice. I guess I just need to check the plug now (as I have never changed it) - do they really need changing that often?



I have both a 55 and a 60 SJ coming in this week. I will not be able to pick them up until Saturday because of Jury Duty this week....But if you will pm me with your addresses I'll get them out next week....


Bonzai :)

all in a days work for BICYCLE REPAIR MAN!



What are you final settings with your jets? What elevation do you run at? I'm working on mine right now too and trying to get a good idea which way to adjust if i don't getting it all right the first time. Right now I've got a 168mj, 200maj, 45 pj, 75 paj, and EKN needle & 55 SJ on order. Are your settings the same? I'm also planning on doing the BK mod this week while i'm waiting on my needle & sj to come in.


My settinghs are exactly the same as Taffy's (except timing, which is YZ). I still have the original 55SJ but that is going to be changed to a 60SJ soon. I also did the BK mod having found the "squirt" to be around 3 seconds. My elevation is just above sea level (also same as Taffy). One thing left to check is the state of the plug (just to make sure it's not runing too lean/hot).


you mean they come with the 55SJ as standard? wow! i didn't know that!?!? we all started with #65's and i dropped it down to #62 (same as early YZ's i think) then on to #60.

obviously yamaha have overtaken me1


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