Suggestions for riding vacations

Anybody know of a good place for a week long riding trip (Mostly individual day runs). I was looking into Utah but I'm from NJ and that's a little far. I'll be bringing a camper so being near camprounds would be helpful. Thinking of maybe heading south. Mine and my buddys bikes are plated and insured if that helps any. Any suggestions would be helpful.



Just a suggestion, look into the Hatfield & McCoy Trails in West Virginia. I went there a few monthes back and the trails are very good. They have three seperate trails that are rather extensive. They even allow riding your bike down into some of the little local towns there....pretty cool actually. You can ride right out of your motel parking lot ( or camping is available, both on the trail and at RV parks)straight thru town to the trail head....You could easily make a week trip out of it....Their webpage is Good Luck!!


Rampart Range near denver is a great destination. Weekends can be crowded but the weekdays are quiet. There are many campsites throughout the area and some hiking and fishing opportunities in the area as well. Trails are forested and barely wide enough for some ATVs for the most part (some areas are tighter. If you are into riding fast windy trails this is the place.


Utah has the slickrock of Moab, numerous desert areas, and some open forest trails here and there.

Idaho is an off-road Paridise with desert and forest trails throughout the state. Some of these trails are very technical

Just so you know. Some of Rampart was affected by the Hayman fire this past summer so parts of the area could be closed.

Thanks for the help. The West Virginia one sounds pretty good being it's a bit closer. As for Colorado and Montana, awsome states, been to them both but never for riding (my loss). Spent 4 days on a ranch in Montana years ago, one of the best trips of my life. Anyway, before I start to reminisce, thanks again for the help.


The Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky is a great place to ride, I make a trip there at least once a year, most of the trails are wide and about 10-20 miles long (a couple of 45 mile loops also)and the skill levels vary from supereasy to terrifying (like I'm going to fall off of this mountain and die). I usually go in the fall and there are very few people there. The forest rangers are helpful and there is camping also. The Forest website is extensive with maps and directions.

A long trip for you, but maybe for another time. I went to BC Canada, near Camloops around Sun Peaks Ski Resort last year and will be going back. Not organized and hard to get started finding trails, but once you do!!! The scenery in the Northern Rockies is unbelievable and the trails are perfect.

There are also hundreds of miles of great trails around here (mostly snowmobile trails). Between Pocatello, Idaho Falls, ID and West Yellowstone, WY are more trails than you can imagine. Also near Idaho Falls is the third largest (i'm told) sand dune area in the US, not to mention the desert riding NW of here.

Regarding Rampart Range riding after the Hayman fire:

I rode Rampart in the early fall and everywhere I went was ridable. The fire touched up to the edge of it, but did not burn it and did not cause any closures.

It's probably a bit snowy up there now though.

Bryan in Denver...


Colo. has great riding and camping is very available. As mentioned, Rampart Range is great and close to Denver. The following link will give you plenty of info. Get out a map of the state and make plans!

Hey Bry, Isn't Trout Creek closed now?? Used to be one of my favorite destinations in that area, but both times I was down there this fall that trail was closed :).........

Dodger :D :D

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