Problems using ally-bar type Handguards

I am considering putting the aluminium bar-type handguards on my YZ250F. I am a bit worried about dirt getting in on the throttle side end of the handle-bars, where the grip has a hole for the bar-fixing. Is this a problem? Does dirt get in there when you fall on that side?

I haven't had any problems with mine in the dirt. Sand can be an issue, however, because sand gets everywhere! After riding the dunes, I remove my throttle to clean and lubricate it, just in case. I'm using the Acerbis handguards with Renthal bars.

If you just make a good sized hole in the throttle tube, as oppossed to lopping the end off altogether, the overhang that is left will keep most of the dirt out of there.

I've been running Pro Bends for several years, only ride in the sand, and have yet to have this problem.

Hope this helps.

I had the same concern prior to installing the same guards.

I have not yet had trouble, its not like the bike gets layed down in the sand very often anyway :)

As Hick said, I cut the hole to just touch the guard end. A little lube and no problems. Been testing too - I have rammed about every end into something.

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