Medial Miniscus tear/strain???

Had a little tip over today and went to the ER. They told me I strained or tore my medial miniscus. I asked how to tell the difference and they said, "if it heals in a week or two, it was strained, if it doesn't heal, it'll require surgery to heal :)

What info can you guys provide?


What is that (in english)

Yo Bill, let's keep it on two wheels :) ...

I torm my medial miniscus on my right knee two years ago, skateboarding - get that. No one ever gets hurt skateboarding! That was actually coupled with a broken tibial plateau, but kinda the same. The doc's scoped my knee, and pined down the part of my miniscus that pealed up with little plastic arrows, I guess they just disolve after time. Takes some time to get better, with a new screw to hold the outside of my knee together, took about 3 months of PT. Sounds like yours should hopefully not be too serious. Your knee will let you know when your able to ride again.


Dodger :D:D

Sorry to hear that Bill. They are right...see if it heals. Ice it while it is swollen. The other two ways to tell are MRI and surgery (scope). A few months ago I tipped over, at two mph tops, on a borrowed XR-650. After all the years of going over the bars, and blowing corners at 40+, this little spill cost me a lot. The MRI showed torn ACL, MCL and meniscus tears. Low and behold, when they stuck the scope in things were much better. Only the ACL was torn...MCL and meniscus were ok.

Before I had the MRI, the orthopedic doc tugged and pulled my knee and said "yep, the acl is gone, we'll see what else".

The moral of the story, the MRI was a waste of money in my case.

The scope is not so bad. Meniscus surgerys are outpatient and heal very walk out of the hospital.

Bill, hope it heals! I just broke my wrist last Friday. :) Six weeks off from riding. Man, does that suck! :D Best of luck to you, Paul

Bill....Your not supposed to do that before the annual ride.....

Paul...Did you get the exhaust I sent to you yet?

Bonzai :)

YAMAKAZE, got it. Thanks, Paul


Depending on where the tears are they may heal on their own, they may be repairable with orthoscopic surgery - depends on the blood flow to the area or the doc may just snip out the torn pieces if he feels they won't heal properly. From what I've read you want to have it repaired, not removed, if at all possible. I tore the meniscus in 4 places along with a 90% tear on the ACL - doc clipped the meniscus due the location/lack of bloodflow. The meniscus was the painful part of my injury - the stuff gets jammed up in the joint and is damn painful. I almost hit the floor a couple of times from having to stop short or a mis-step.


Kaz, yea I know.....

Paul, Sorry to hear, hoipe you have a speedy recovery.


Thanks for the info. It sucks they can't tell without an MRI :)


MRI is no big deal - I fell asleep :) Beat being at the office.....


bill i saw a product recently which looks good

its a bandage that is soaked in a liquid then applied to a joint,

after a few seconds it starts to feel cold and the gets colder and colder [ not as cold as ice tho so u wont need to remove after a short time]

and it stays cold for about 2 hours

you cud wear this under ur race jeans/boots or wrist or wotever.

its an american made product,, although ive only seen the imported english one.

its called liquid ice

and the company over here that sells it

OK, that's it. No more riding for awhile. Bill, that's one. Paul, that's two. I don't want to be number three.

You guys heal fast. Paul, maybe this fall we can get together and do some blasting in the desert.



which wrist bone have you broken?

Yeah I know all about the "meniscus two step"....field hockey did it for me. Before I had it operated my knee would lock up in the most excruciatingly painful way. I finally had it opened up and stitched back together along with both my destroyed ACL's. In 1985 this required a 6 inch scar!!! 3-4 years later I had to have the meniscus knee now makes a cool creaking noise when I climb stairs but apart from that I have no problems.....however my soccer days are loooong behind me.

The moral of the story is leave it in as long as it works without problems/lockups then have it oiked out when necessary.......that way the arthritis will be held at bay a little longer !!!

Get a recommended surgeon who knows his stuff. You only have 2 knees, if that, now!

your in good company grant langston recently tore his medial miniscus, as well as damaging his ankle and hip, [his knee came up so fast it bruised his ribs] and he broke a bone in his foot.

part of his treatment is to spend regular time in a decompression chamber rich in oxygene [speed healing]

i dont know if this is an option available via U,S healthcare

he's also ended up having a part of his miniscus removed,, ideally this should be avoided if at all possible.

there are methods for regenerating the miniscus but none of them are entirely successful.

do you know what type of tear you have?


The young lady who attended me in the ER, hardly looked old enough to babysit, let alone be a doctor :D:) She said it was a sprained or torn medial miniscus. I have an appointment with a Orthopedic Doc on Thursday.

Hope the news is good and I can ride soon :D



Sorry to hear about injury. Get Well soon!

Mark, I don't know that much about bones. I am supposed to go back in a couple of days to get my cast off for some more x-rays. I'll ask better questions this time. Last time I just asked them if they could get this thing off me in a couple of weeks. The Reno200 is coming up! :) The Doc frowned and said plan on six plus therapy! :D


the bone to watch for in the wrist is the scaphiod which has pretty poor blood supply from only one direction, and often this bone doesnt heal well with part of it dying.

if it is the Scaphiod, speak to your consultant about the posibility of using a Herbert Winkle canulated screw to reduce the fracture.

good luck

Excerpt from Chapter 19 if Missiles Mishaps....

mmmmm.... screws in your wrist.... been there done that....I spent numerous weeks with titanium rods exiting my wrist!!!! ....I managed to split my 'radius' lengthways. Whats even better is that I could unscrew them by hand without anaesthetics when the time came !!! Anyhow it worked for me as the only problem left is that the skin has 'stuck' to the bone and a small metal washer somewhere inside too. Mobility is perfect and no pain at all.

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