cleaning the sump screen

Just curious if anyone has cleaned the sump screen on a 07 yz450f. You can see it through a hole behind the ignition cover. I know I could pop it off, but putting it back on might be a problem.

Can't do it that way. Pull the clutch and oil pump, and wash it through backwards from the pump cavity.

Thanks! Any suggestions what to clean it with. I was thinking maybe kerosene.

Carb cleaner. Or mineral spirits. You may be able to bend up a couple old tooth brushes and shorten the bristles and be able to get them under the screen from the ignition side. Be sure you mop up the interior well.

What do you think is in the screen?

I sucked up some clay/mud. My oil filter was totally clogged and twisted. I know the screen isn't as fine of mesh as my scotts oil filter was, but I want to make sure it isn't clogged as well.

For an engine that has ingested mud, you need to use a strong, water based degreaser/detergent, like Oil Eater, or Simple Green, etc. Open the engine as completely as possible (a full tear down would really be best) and wash as much out of it as you can.

If there was mud in the oil filter, there's mud in the oil tank, simple as that, and also in everything fed by the oil pump, in the bearings, and packed into the rings.

My advice: don't shortcut this job. Do it right, do it once.

Your right. Thanks!

How did this happen?

Went off the track and into a retention pond. Took 4 guys about 15min to get the bike out.

etug321 Went off the track and into a retention pond. Took 4 guys about 15min to get the bike out.

SnACK aTTacK!!

how often should this screen be cleaned? I've had my bike for a year and haven't touched it

Normally, I don't think you need to clean it. The screen is fairly large mesh compaired to an actual filter.

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