can't shift from 1st to 2nd gear

Hi! I can't shift from 1st to 2nd gear , but if I put it on the stand shifts fine.

N to 2nd and up is good but if I shift down to 1st and up to 2nd it is not working. Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks!My bike is a 06'YZ450F

With it running or shut off?

Check the oil for metal fragments?

My guess is your clutch is too tight for a simple fix, but I'm thinking it might be something with your shift cam.

The clutch is like new , the oil was nice and clean, When I test it on the stand it was running.

Check the condition of the "stopper lever", item 21 on page 4-70 of the manual. The '06 uses a ball bearing on the end of the lever instead of teh more conventional roller, and some have fallen apart, causing a variety of problems.

this thing:



Hi! I did Check the stopper lever but it looks good. Any other advice?????

Well, as long as it's open, try shifting it and look for problems with the operation of the linkage. Remember to turn the main shaft to align the gears as you shift.

It may "look good", but did you remove it and see if it "works good"?

Could be a bent shift fork...

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