looking for some info on electrical and charging of battery, 03 wr450, can not seem to keep bateries in this bike.

So are they going dead? how long do they last? Did you put on a voltmeter to see if it charging normally? The owners manual is really pretty good for this. I have a 03 with the stock battery? why it still works ??? but hey I got my money out of it. Add some info on whats going on so we can get you fixed.

Yes, battery keeps dying,put a volt meter on while running bike and at idle batery showes 8.32 volts at idle, lower voltage at higher rpm, what is strange when bikes running light is on its at 9.5 volts.

Your battery is not being charged! You should have 12 volts plus at the battery at all times. When the engine is running 13 to 14 volts or more is normal. Check the stator output if okay, then do the regulator rectifier test. It could be some wire connection is loose. Your owners manual has this information in it on tests to perform. If you do do not have the manual do a search on TT and you should find it.

thanks for the info, the most help I have gotten yet.

No problem, good luck!

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