Does anyone know what the published weight for the wr450 will be?, or when they will be reviewed by the mags?, i am thinking about trading in the trusty drz400

The weight of a ready to ride YZ450f no gas is 232lbs. The reported difference between a YZ and WR 450 in dry weight is 18 lbs. 232+18 = 250lbs no gas.

actually, the consensus is that the wr450 will be closer to 268lbs. It does not have all the refinements the YZ450 has. FYI.

I have been looking into the same issue, but it makes no sense at all to trade in my DRZ to save a measly 8 or 9 lbs.

see this thread...


And the Cannondales are fat? When will I see wr450s in the shops? Or are they out already?

The WR 450 has received almost all of the weight saving features of the new YZ. aluminum sub frame, lighter frame,motor components,swing arm,brake system, rims. Yamaha even made the enduro equipment lighter with a aluminum kickstand. As hard as it is to believe, this bike with the electric start is lighter than a WR426... and Yamaha has updated their website the last 24 hours to read avail.December 02 instead of January 03. They are here, and very close. Beside the partial Ti exhaust(VS. full Ti on the YZ) and extra gear in the tranny I don't know of any other weight saving updates on the YZ450F that are not on the WR.

Boy I hope your right wr250fl. I sold my xr650 because I was tired of the weight and then started seeing that the wr might weigh almost as much after I had put my deposit down. Tim

I checked out your info. Yep, December not January. Yep, seems like updated details on the bike, I don't ever remember them describing an aluminum kickstand. Some had thought the subframe would be steel and it clearly says aluminum and a TT'r saw it at a show. I really BBBBBugged my dealer this week an he said reps say bikes will be to dealers "in December". It appears Yamaha has taken seriously weight issues for the Wr. Now we need to get one on the scales. I'm not sure this old fellow can handle this much good news at one time. Thanks for the post.

Did you notice, the Yamaha page now says Jan 03.

Man... kind of like a kick in the nads.Well at least it doesn't say more weight and less nimble.

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