WR400 with carb off WR426/450 - will it work?

Hi all,

I have a '99 WR400F with the Keihin carb that still has the AP linkage outside the carb chasis. In doing some routine maintenance, I noticed that the slide plate was cracked :p (luckily before it failed...). so now I want to know if a newer model carb can just be bolted on or do I have to stick with the one I have and get it repaired?

Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:


Just bumping it to the top to get more attention.

The newer carb works great, but an Edelbrock is even better for your bike.

Thanks for the confirmation... I presume Edelbrock is a "special order" from the USA...

Yes, it is. But there are a few around in Europe as well if you look for a used carb. Otherwise, order from the US (it'll transform your bike in general and everything you know about starting it in particular).

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