Thank you James Dean

I have been ridding my 2000 WR400 with J.D. jetting for about 2 weeks now. It is running better than it ever has. I asked J.D. for some help with my jetting. He told me what worked best for him: 168 main, ELN needle, 45 pilot. I put these in and my bike starts within 2 kicks every time hot or cold. The thottle respons is improved and no lean popping.

It is not very often you can ask for help from someone you have never met, and get good useable advice.


Dirtnut67 :)

[ May 24, 2002: Message edited by: Dirtnut ]

JD recommended the same for me, and I have had ZERO probs, hiccups, etc. with this jetting. 1-2 kicks to start, hot start 1 kick-almost always. Thanks again JD!

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