stripped bolt

Hey People,

I believe I tighted the 10mm bolt on the right hand side plastic a little too much and I know that I stripped it out. Any suggestions on getting it out? My Dad and I tried using an air wrench and it didnt work. Any help would be appreciated.


So is the bolt spinning and not backing out? Any more details would be helpfull.

Yes, the bolt is spinning and not backing out.


If it is stripped in the fuel tank are you dealing with the brass anchor they cast in the plastic. If the insert is brass or plastic you can try small vice grips or needle vise grips on the hex head and use a set of cutters to gently sneak between the head and plastic so you don't pop the anchor out of the tank or plastic panel. You actually could be spinning the plastic anchor in the plastic. Getting it out might be easier than replacing the anchor. I doubt you will fire the torch or use the air tools with any result.

If you need plastic replacement parts, Midwest Cycles, Chapparal Cycles and your friendly dealer have OEM parts. Good luck

Sorry guys, it is the right rear number plate.

I'd recommend pulling outward on the plastic panel while using a socket to turn the bolt CCW. Hopefully this little bit of leverage will allow a thread to catch.

Good Luck!


I would recomend bringing it over to your brothers house and he will fix it for you. Should have bought a WR.

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