Exhaust gasket life

I'm considering buying an FMF Powercore slip-on for my 08 WR450, but have a query regarding the lifespan of the gasket/seal between the pipe and the slip-on.

On my previous bike, an 02 WR426, I had a Staintune slip-on which didn't need re-packing, so I didn't have to take it on and off very often.

Now that I'm looking at the prospect of a re-packable slip-on, i'm wondering how that gasket copes with taking the slip-on on and off frequently to repack it.

I had to replace this gasket once on my 426 as it was damaged and began leaking, and i think it was pretty expensive.

Yeah, the gasket can cost a good sammich and six pack. But careful removal and re-install will make it last. I have done 'seperations' over 20 times and the gasket is still ok. I do keep a spare, just in case though.

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