My '06 YZ450F special edition

It has taken a good long while to get everything together just right due to a couple of injuries that prevented me from riding the last season and a half but it is most definitely worth the wait (for me).

I truly have the bike I have always dreamed of. I had bought it new and just kept hurting myself on the thing. It has alot of nice goodies.

ASV C-5 pro levers and hot start perch, Fastway F-5 pegs, Dr D. graphics, Radiator lowering kit, and full pipe (ss/aluminum), Pro-Taper 22.5mm offset clamps, contour bars (windham bend), dual compound grips and sprockets (14/53). RK gold chain, Turner billet gas cap/axle blocks, Devol rear disc protector, Ride engineering braided brake line and cable holder, Twin air filters, Race tech heavy duty springs with smart-performance fluids.

Every piece is top notch stuff. It is all show and all go. :p

This bike is no trailer queen either :thumbsup: . 65 hours on the meter and climbing. I couldn't be more happy with the performance results.


Hope you enjoy half as much as I do....sorry about the boot scuffs on the rear....headed out the door for practice. :cry:

Very nice. And you'll love the suspension fluid, once you adapt to it. If the Dr. didn't want so much for his graphics, I'd buy a set.

Looks nice. The red in the graphics looks good with the yellow. The only thing it needs is a set of preprinted backgrounds and it would be perfect. :thumbsup:

Nice looking bike. I love mine too. I've gotten so much better on this bike.

Yes and IMO Yellow Anniversary Editions are the best looking of all the YZF450s........:thumbsup:

? why did you go with a 14/53 gearing setup? isant that pretty much stock gearing?



3 teeth on the rear=1 tooth on the front.

It is close to stock but it has allowed me to be able to put my bike in third and do 95% of each track here in Alaska with out shifting. There is the start on which I use 2nd and the odd hairpin turn that requires 2nd gear. There is only one long straight away where I can actually click into 4th for a microsecond when the course is smooth. Otherwise, once things get more choppy and I tire as the moto gets near the 3/4 point, I just don't carry as much speed and stay in 3rd. I will say that this gearing works for me and my riding style, it may not for others. I should also mention that the DR. D pipe really woke up the bottom to mid-range power on the motor and most likely is helping with my set-up. Current jetting is 170 main, 48 pilot, stock needle position, 2 1/2 turns out on the fuel/air screw.

I will say that the gearing does accentuate the compression braking of the motor when off the gas. This coupled with the steep offset of the triple clamps is putting a lot of weight on the front wheel and I am able to 'own' the inside line. It really is amazing how different this bike feels. I am due for new rubber on both ends, I currently have a 773 Dunlop on the front and a 756 on the rear.

I don't know why he did, but here's why I would:

> The front sprocket lasts longer when there's more teeth on it. To some extent so does the chain.

> The 14/53 combo gives me more flexibility to use higher than stock gearing than the 13 would. A using 47 tooth cog with a 13 produces a lot of chain drag, and 46's are mostly special order. OTOH, with a 14, I can use a 51 or even a 50 if I want without anything unusual to be dealt with.

Very nice. And you'll love the suspension fluid, once you adapt to it. If the Dr. didn't want so much for his graphics, I'd buy a set.

High praise indeed from the guru himself. :thumbsup:

I am all smiles with the suspension. Just getting myself used the big air again after so much time off. Our tracks are notoriously rough except on race days. We ride in glacial till in Anchorage. Glacial till is the residue left from when glaciers recede, it is pretty much silt and ground up rocks of all different sizes and shapes. I will get a picture of it posted. The consistency of the soil/silt is like talcum powder when it is dry but very tacky when moist. :p The rocks in the mix are a bitch. 1st They hurt!:worthy: and since the track is on a bluff right by the ocean, the wind dries out the track in a hurry. It receives no grooming except the night before a race so if you go a couple of weeks between races, the track gets hammered because it is open to public use and quads (it is a municipal park). All of the rocks 'float' to the top and you are basically riding on marbles. :p AND THIS IS NOT FUN. :cry: . So to make a long story short, it is not very confidence inspiring in helping an oft injured rider get back into form.

I have a good thing going with DR. D. They stuck with me through my injured seasons and regardless, I have high praise for their products. The graphics are very thick, high quality stuff. I got the idea for my set by listening to one of his female employees. She personally trimmed a set of the White graphics to fit on his 'retro' model bike's shrouds during one of his Glenn Helen races. While the price might be high, it includes everything, fork covers, side panels, swing-arm, shrouds, both fenders, etc.

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