Devol Rad guards

Looking for some feedback on the Devol Rad guards. I know ALL about the Flatland and Unibiker, just looking for feedback on the Devol for a 07 WR450.

NOBODY has these or heard good or bad???

Have them on my 05 and love them. Perfect fit and nothing needed other then bending in inside lower edge to clear fender.

I'm a fan of Enduro Engineering. Great side protection. Have dropped my bike many times so far this year with no damage. Do a search on Devol, this comes up every month or two.

I have them on my 01 426 and my son's 02 250. I.m old and crash a lot, and the DeVols are holding up great! No damage to the radiators in5 years of crashing!

my 00 has them, they hold up well and do a great job of keeping the rads safe, mine need the rear support bracket on one side welded back on - snapped right at the weld, but no other damage incurred.

I think the the Devol guards are sweet! I had them on my old yz426 and, used & abused them. I took a lot of hits with, them and, only dented them! I do believe they took one too many hits and, broke finally but, I think you will break the guard before you break your radiator! I ride fairly aggressive so, I just bought a new pair. Great product for the money and, fairly easy to install.:thumbsup:DSC00546.jpg

Yeah, I've got a pair and they have been great. I've had a few good spills, and no damage to speak of. If I had it to do all over again though, I think that I would go with the unabiker though. The design is better.

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