08 wr450 jetting help

hey guys im newto the forum.

i have a wr 450 that i instaleld the gytr AIS kit on.

i used jetted the bike with the kit that came with the AIS kit but did not adjust the fuel screw( cant find it )

it ran great for one trip, but after i removed the exhaust baffel and the snorkel and also cut the grey wire,

it dies when i give it heavy gas, especially when free revving, and sounds like too much air is coming out the exhaust.

it still has a lot of power compared to before i did the AIS and i can get the front tire up in fourth but doesnt sound to great and is also having problems starting but that may be because of the battery....

but did not adjust the fuel screw( cant find it )....

Step 1. You have to find the fuel screw. Its on the bottom of the carb, Its covered up by a plug. The plug will need to be removed. Even with the plug off it is nearly impossible to get to it with a screw driver. I used a zip-ty thumb screw, it came with tuning instructions which was very helpful to me..

And I had starting issues on my 08WR after about 40 hours. A valve adjustment fixed it.

got this photo off SBR


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