Brake pads ?

Looking for opinions on some Pads. What manufacturer and what type do you like?

I like Carbone Lorraine. My brake disks live longer with CL, as they are softer that the original. Very good price also(here in Europe). Another good brands we use over here are Braking(italy) and gold Vesrah(sp?)(Japan).

i like braking brake pads, my friend has their entire brake setup front and rear, Braking caliper, rotor and pads... awesome combo..

I have tried several aftermarket pads and I am now using the stock pads. I feel they have better life than any of the after market ones I have used.

I second that. :)

If you ride in the mud get the EBC pads with enough copper to suck a lightning bolt out of the sky. Rotors will be shot at 5,000 miles guaranteed. :)

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