Grey Wire Mod??

I've got a 2000 WR400 YZ-timed, no airbox lid ,exhaust baffle removed, and throttle restriction removed. Otherwise, stone stock. I've never heard of the "grey wire" mod outside of this forum...what is it, why do you do it, and what does it do for you? Is it a real "mod" or is it something people do just because they've been told to? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for cheap and easy power but I'm not into black-magic.

Taffy: I'm intrigued by your Taffy Timing, nice work. Hmmm, that might be something to look into this winter.


Its a real mod, the gray wire changes the timing on high RPM. Search using "gray wire". One of the posts will take you to a web site that explains it completely.

Thanks tctrailrider!

Keep in mind that if you've got a Canadian model the gray wire mod is null...there isn't one. Which is to say your one step ahead of the "detuned" game.

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