Yamaha of Troy

You could try WWW.MXSOUTH.COM Jeff The Owner has never let me down....

Parts arrive when he say's the will.

Tell em Bill in Atlanta sent you....

Bonzai :)

I ordered a part from YOT two Saturdays ago. I forgot to ask if item was in stock. I called them Tuesday and they said it shipped on monday. I received it on Wednesday. Customer service was good, I just should have asked if it was in stock first but once they got it, they shipped it fast. No problems from me.

Thanks for the post. I need to hear about bad service and good service. Yamakaze turned me on to Jeff at Mxsouth and he has been absolutely great.

Ok, last month I received my WR426F.

First thing I do is order GYT-R Skid plate and frame guards from Yamaha of Troy 4/29. I received the frame guards in approx 2 weeks. I still haven't received the Skid plate as it is back ordered. After calling the last three days looking for an ETA I keep getting lame excuse about contacting Yamaha for an ETA and to call back tomorrow ( 3 days ago ) Everyday I would call and everyday would be either offered Works Connection Skid Plate and/or call back for ETA. STILL NO ETA !! GRRRRRR! I chose not to go with Works Connection as they aren't

Since this initial order I have sent and received 3 yes 3 ! seperate orders from Rockymountainmc.com - Great company.

All parts in stock - as indicated on webpage.

YOT ? - jury is out

Ya know I liked the skid plate (also was going to get GYT-R bark busters among other things ) but I had to cancel the order. I like to purchase small from vendor first to determine how accurate and timely and order arrives. YOT failed misserably! IMO

I think YOT has a vendor and/or inventory problem. One month without receiving any Skid Plates??? Come on now.

Lessons learned:

a. call and ask if part is in stock prior to typing in Credit Card #

b. Go anywhere other than YOT

Sorry to diss this company but after getting new bike, I would like to take it out and ride atleast once in the first month. I feel they dropped the ball and I am not happy with their service. White Bros ! you are next !

<~~ off soap box

Thanks Yamakaze. I noticed somewhere in the skid plate archives you said White Bros. Skid plate was the same as GYT-R. Also recall the MxSouth tip too. Thanks ! I am there.


I agree with YOT when parts are in stock. I felt I got dic*ed around with when it came to something they didn't have in stock.

The GYT-R frame guards fit and look great. I am just lucky they had them in stock or I wouldn't have known for sure.


OOPS I almost forget - Update my sign


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