woohoo 2002 WR

Just blasted my new WR426 around the block. Cant wait to get it into the dirt tomorrow morning at 0'dark:30!

has anyone got an '02 WR through DMV to be street legal with one of the aftermarket dual sport kits?

anyway, glad to be in the club!


You won't look back thats all i have to say


Congrats on your purchase and on being one of the first of the next 10000 members of TT.

I've read quite a few posts about street legal WR's in California. I believe they use a Vermont registration to legalize the machine.

I really like your photos on the homepage. The pics from Anza Borrego look like a very cool place to ride.

Be prepared to do alot of waiting for your 4X4 buddies who are driving behind you. I'd say your new bike, stock, will cover equal distances in less than half the time or better.

Enjoy the new toy, and if you want to fly do a search for the free mods.

Hey Streetmoto!

I know who you are :) . Glad to see you got what you wanted after all. Check on my for sale post again-- I think we both are making wise decisions.

Hope you had a great day out today!


PS- dig the TRD(on your site ala your profile)- if you noticed in one of the pics I sent you there is a full blown Toy powered all tube chassis rock buggy in the background!

Hey WeldPro!

yeah, I found a dealer that was blowing a WR out at a good price so I went for it and Im stoked that I did. the bike is killer! Cant wait to get back in the dirt.


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