sprockets and stuff

ok here we go. i have been ridein the Elsinore vet track for a wile and want to change the sprokets so i can run in one gear. 2nd is way too low to jump with and 3rd is to high. i can ride around in 3rd but have to slip the clucth out of the corners. 2nd ai can't clear anything. here is what i want to do. gear up because besidesthe track i ride in the open DEZ. 5th will not keep up with mny buddies 6th gear on his ktm 400. so my main goal is to make 2nd gear close to what 3rd is but not so high. i would say not in the middle of 2nd and 3rd but closer to 3rd. any of you guys ride that track. tell me what you did. i will not miss first gear at all. i can count the times i have used it on one hand. So what sprockets should i buy.


I ride the vet track at Elsinore in 2nd and 3rd gear. Mostly 3rd but there are a few slow corners that I need 2nd for.

If you want to go to taller gearing, try going up two teeth on the rear sprocket

wont going up 2 teeth on the rear make it accelerate faster, and be "lower gearing"?



thats what i thought. i want 2nd gear to become a little lower than what 3rd is now. i fave found many times on trails that i want something inbetween those two. 4th and 5th will be higher but that is fine cause i only use them in the open dez.

You have three choices. Go smaller on rear sprocket, larger on front, or change gearing inside the tranny. Stock sprockets for the WR400 are 14 front, 50 rear. I have heard of others running a 15 on the front. Not sure if you can go bigger, think there will be clearance problems. So 15 divided by 14 equals 1.071. So you would gain 7% with a 15 tooth front. Rear 50 tooth to a 48 tooth would give you another 4%, 50 divided by 48 equals 1.041.

Second gear ratio is 1.733 and third is 1.312. This is a 24% difference. You get 7% with the 15 front and you need to get the rest on the rear. By my calculations 15 front and 44 rear would get you real close to your desired second gear speed. Top end would be approx. 120 mph, perfect for the desert.

good god thats a lot of speed. well ithink i will get the 15 front and try it. i will also ghet a 48 and a 46 rear and try those. see what combo i like the best. thanks for the help.


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