Screaching or slipping starter motor


I have a 2003 WR 450 and I have never had a problem with e-start. It has always worked like a charm. I let the bike sit for about a month without starting it and today when I hit the button it sounds like the motor was screaching or slipping (not catching the gear). It couldn't start on the button but it started on one kick.

I know nothing about how the starter works so I am hoping someone can help me determine if it is a bad starter motor or maybe a starter clutch, something else?

I hate to take it to a dealer and get screwed out of $500.

I think it is a 2003 problem - My starter is doing the same thing. My buddy has a 2003 WR450 also and his happened last year. He didn't fix it. He just kick starts it. I want to fix mine. I'll let you know what I find out.

Hopefully someone will give you a better answer.

charge battery . try again .

I have the same problem with my 05. For some reason I am not getting full gear meshing between the starter shaft and torque limiter. And after laying the bike down a few times it gets worse. Seems like it is moving although I don't know how.

It could only be the stater or the case that would move but I don't know how it does it.


Ok Patoke - Here is the deal. I took the starter apart, the screech is from a worn out bushing. We tried to find a replacement bushing but everybody was closed. So we made one out a brass fitting and it works fine. No screeching. I am going to try to find the proper bushing and replace the home made one.

It isn't that hard to get the starter out. Remove the pipe and take the starter out from that side.

I'll let you know where I find the proper bushing. By the way what state are you in?


I am in Northern California. Did you ever find the proper bushing?



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