Honest opinions TiPowercore

For my 07 YZ450

The ti power core slip-on is in my price range and has an optional quite insert and comes with spark arrestor both of which are necessities. Is there any other pipe in this price range that you guys would recommend or is this pipe decent for meeting sound levels and not killing power? (Yes i have searched and read what i could although ide never forgive myself if i bought this pipe and it was a total junk)

I need the pipe to meet sound regs at races as well as USFS sparky (it claims 96db with insert?)

Thanks :thumbsup:

PS is the blue anodizing easily scarred or does it fade with heat?

is the normal silver a better option?

I have been using this muffler for a few years now, First on a Wr450 then on my 06YZ450.

I like it cause I'm cheap and its cheap:busted:

It is way lighter than stock.

It will give instant increase in power in all gears.

I have the quiet insert in it and I switch it in and out depending on where I'm riding. I have had it tested at the races with the insert and it was 97.5db. They claim the pipe is 99db then the insert will take 3db away. In reality it will be a little louder than 96db (Especially as it ages). If sound is a top priority for you I would go with something else.

The first one I had, a couple of the rivets holding it together fell out after about a year. I just bought another one on RM for $270:thumbsup:

The insert is held in by a single screw as well and probably needs a better design as it wants blow out and leaks around the outside.

So basically it is great pipe but will fall apart fairly quickly, they are knwon to crush easily as well since they are so lightweight.

For a cheap way to get more usable power I recommend it just know it probably won't last more than a couple of years, but for $270 I just buy a new one.

The blue anodizing keeps it color but the stickers on it will burn off it on a long hot day.

Good Luck.

If your primary concern is noise, I'm not sure the Power Core is your best bet. The Q4 will probably end up being a better choice. Sound testing is most definitely not an exact science, and all that has to happen is for the tester to move the machine two inches out of position and your day is ruined. Better to have a little more leeway.

Besides, "quiet inserts" made to bandage a noisy muffler have a tendency to cut low end power, whereas a muffler designed from the start to lower sound output at the least cost is usually a wiser choice where that's a concern.

Anodizing is a surface coating. Most color anodizing is only slightly harder than the aluminum base, so yes, it can be scratched, and yes, with a color like blue or black, it will be obvious. With the natural aluminum, that's harder to see at any distance. Depends on how scuffed up you like to get your pipes.

As to power, I'm sure that the PC will produce big gains over a WR exhaust, but I have not seen a believable dyno sheet for a complete exhaust system that adds more than 1 3/4 hp on any '03-'07 YZ450, let alone a slip-on. (the '08 is another matter) What is sometimes noticeable is an increase in the low-mid range, which is needed compared to stock on an '06/'07, and when it's there, it makes the whole power range feel stronger.

What is the difference between the Q4 and the Q4 ti?

On the fmf website the q4 doesnt appear to produce any power gains and only reduces noise. For $400 i might as well put a sock in my muffler if it doesn't reap any sort of power benefits.

Thanks for the info anymore would be awesome!! :thumbsup:

I heard the Q4 is a piece of crap, but it is quiet.

The difference is titanium, so it's a little lighter.

Don't minimize the accomplishment of dropping the sound level without losing power in the process. The question of whether it's the right pipe for you hinges on how important sound reduction is in your case.

the majority of my time will not be spent racing but the times i do it would suck to spend the money and still not be able to race.

What would make the Q4 crap?

I'm aware of some problems with the Q2, but not the Q4. Maybe WGP can elaborate on that.

I think they are built well but do nothing in the power department.

So the only benefit would be a quiet pipe.

Yea reliability is also a big thing for me im thinkin i might go for the q4 because realistically does any pipe offer alot of power its usually sound accompanied by the feeling of being faster :thumbsup:

I have had a couple Ti-powercores on two different bikes, one a YZ450F, the other a YZ250F. I had the same experience with both pipes. They look great, though the anodizing does fade slightly over time, the blue ones look great. They are much shorter than stock, and a little lighter (though not as light as a full titanium slip on obviously). It not noticeably louder than stock, and even quieter with the quiet insert in. As far as durability goes, both of the ones I had were rock solid. I ran one for one year, and the other for two years, all I had to do was repack them a couple times a year (as with any pipe) and they were great. Make sure you check the screws on the front endcap once in a while, they will work themselves out if you don't check them. As far as performance, on both bikes the pipe pretty much mimicked the stock pipe, it didn't really add or take away power at all. If you are not looking for great performance gains, but want a good looking, inexpensive, rock solid pipe, this is the pipe.

The Q4 pipes dont have the factory forward engineering (which shortens pipe length) like the powercores do?

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