Forks slipping in clamps?

I recently purchased a set of applied 24mm triple clamps. at the same time i got my forks serviced. When i started putting it all back together, i noticed some oil on the forks which i cleaned with some simple green. Now it seems like every other ride my forks have slid up about 5mm in the triple clamps. I torque'd everthing to manual specs! Are they sliding up because i did not get all the oil off the forks? or did i use the wrong stuff to remove the oil? Do i tighten up the bolts just a little more than the manual says?

thanks for the advice!!

simple green can be pretty slick, try washing the area off with soap and water and try it again, but I wouldnt overtighten the clamps the torque is set for a reason.

As said, try cleaning them with something like contact cleaner. Also, when you torque them make sure you go back and forth on the bolts until they both are at the right torque, don't just tighten one until it clicks then tighten the other to the torque and leave it.

You will need to pull the forks out of the clamps. Clean the forks and the inside clamps, use soapy water and rinse/dry/reinstall to 14 lower/17 upper ft/ reason to mess up the finish on the clamps.....:thumbsup:

clean them and scuff up the insides of the clamps with a scotchbrite pad (dont kill em just take off the shine) than clean them again.

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