Wheel Swap...Dirt to SM?

staringatthesun,,, you can get good street tires like the distanzia's in the 21 and 18 sizes.. I wouldn't go to sm sizes just to gain better wearing.

Could do that but imo what I want is the ability to quickly change out the wheels tho I don't want to just put street tires on the dirt rims and then not have dirt tires available.

Could get a second set of 21/18" rims and do that but I'm not sure how differently the bike performs with 17" wheels vs the larger ones.

Is there any reason you NEED to swap over to the larger rotor for example if you wanted to tard your R model or to the smaller one to put dirt tires on?

If it's not possible to put an R rotor on an X, I'd just buy a second X rotor, yes. But if I could score a complete set of R wheels, it would be nice to be able to just do a clean swap. The smaller rotor would be a better choice in the dirt anyhoo. :thumbsup:

Well the rotor is usually on the wheel and you just swap the whole thing right? If you go between the two different sizes youd also have to swap calipers and bleed the system etc? If you had to sets of wheels using the same rotor it would be less work? Or am I off here?

How much would just a second set of 250R rims cost so you could put street tires on one set and dirt on the other?

If you go between the two different sizes youd also have to swap calipers and bleed the system etc?

That was exactly why I asked the above. If the only difference between the two is the rotor and the relocation bracket, all you'd have to change going between the two would be the wheel/rotor assembly and the bracket. That's an easy swap.

Oh I get you same caliper and master cylinder but the bracket relocates it higher up on the fork. Steveakus you have the secret knowledge of the Yamaha people want to chime in here ;p?

I've given up on the swap, or any wheel changes on the X, at least for now. I saw on smj that the Distanzia 120/70R17 SM and 150/60R17 SM fit on the X. That's a great compromise for me, 90-10 or 80-20 road / off-road. Why?

- They will for sure be better on gravel roads, in rain, and "easy" offroad than the Battlax 090's.

- The 60 series on the back is 0.5" shorter, and the 120/70 in the front is 0.5" taller, than stock. So the front axle sits a little higher relative to the rear. Not much, but it will increase the rake and trail a little.

- The short rear tire fits into my insistence on eventually getting the muffler mounted under the tail. I think I'm the only one in the world interested in this, but I want to be able to get the weight of the muffler balanced side to side and to pack saddlebags right against the frame on both sides, for both weight and wind.

I may or may not be the only one who will be satisfied with one "in between" (dual sport?:thumbsup:) set of wheels and tires. This is how I'm gonna go, until I see it absolutely won't work.



yeah I agree with you if you are trying to set yourself up for the best street+gravel combo a 90street/10 off tire or 80/20 is the way to go.

For me tho, when I am off I plan to be off much more than gravel roads so there is my conundrum

yeah I agree with you if you are trying to set yourself up for the best street+gravel combo a 90street/10 off tire or 80/20 is the way to go.

For me tho, when I am off I plan to be off much more than gravel roads so there is my conundrum

Jaynen, have you decided what you are going to do?

You have an R, right? What did you come up with, or what do you see as options?

For now I plan to just run the Trailwings at lower PSI offroad and see how they do. They are plenty good for commuting on the pavement.

Once I evaluate the Trailwings for my offroad purposes I will then possibly mount up Pirelli MT-21's

Then after that based on the amount of street vs dirt I end up doing and how the pirelli's feel on the road and wear and tear I will look into a second set of R wheels with 21/18 street tires most likely over distanza's

If I had the X wheels I might try the Dunlop 660R or Distanza's depending on how much gravel/dirt I was gonna do as well as the pavement

Do you guys think it would be possible to design a caliper that would be compatible with both front rotors? Maybe one with two sets of smaller pads, so that one could be removed for use on the R? I don't have access to both bikes, just wondering why Yamaha decided to make it such a PITA! :ride:

I was at a dealer yesterday that had an X and R sitting right next to each other. I would have taken pics for you guys if I had seen this thread sooner.

To the R guys wanting to keep the stock rims but have two sets of tires, one street and one dirt; what about getting a tire changer from harbor freight? Yeah it would be a pain in the ass to change out tires every time you changed riding destinations but so is changing out wheels.

For those considering the full on conversion but worried about the caliper, can you not swap the complete front brake assembly including the master cylinder, brake line, caliper, and lever? It's more expensive but then you don't have to bleed your brakes every time you swap. Of course, if the caliper is the same then this step is not necessary. You would just need the specific mount for each bike.

The calipers are definitely different between the X and R models

Pictures from Yamaha USA website

R model:


X model:


Notice the calipers bolt to the front fork in the same place but are located in different areas. It looks like it might be a relocation bracket, but the calipers themselves are different if you look around the pistons.

I looked at the service manual to see if that specifically showed any differences. The front fork disassembly procedure showed no difference between the R and X models even though that is where is shows the front caliper. The front wheel disassembly does show that the R model has an extra "wheel ring" (no. 9) that looks like it moves the disc further away from the wheel.


I also tried to get part numbers from Yamaha's website, but they don't have the parts catalog for the WRR/X up yet. So, I had to poke around the Japanese website, which did yield some more detailed pictures of the front caliper.

R model caliper, Jap. PN (for the whole caliper assembly) 3D7-2580T-00:


X model caliper, Jap. PN 3D7-2580T-10:


I think the conclusions for front wheel swaps that have already been mentioned are valid: an R model can get the X model front wheel because it will use the same caliper, small disc, and wheel ring, if the wheel ring fits on the X model wheel; an X model can use the R model wheel if the large disc and caliper can be used without the wheel ring on the R model wheel and if the caliper assembly will clear the spokes; The R model may be able to use a large disc brake (not necessarily the one from the X) if a relocation bracket it used; the X model will not be able to fit a smaller disc with the stock caliper because the caliper location bracket is built into the caliper itself.

Thanks for the detective work donny. That's the most detailed info I've seen yet in many posts on many sites. Bummer they couldn't have engineered a common caliper that used spacers to accommodate both rotors. Seems shortsighted, as that would have led to a relatively easy swap out, creating a TRUE dual sport. Maybe theroyz is right that a complete break assembly swap out is the way to go...Then again, I'd love to see how the R caliper would accomodate a larger X type rotor.

You would have to mount an over-size 320 kit from an aftermarket company.

I have "heard" that the relocation bracket designated for a YZF will work on the "R". I have not tried myself yet,but, will try soon.

Should have the tires on tommorrow nite!





That would be nice. If you have an R, get the relocation bracket and 320mm rotor designed for the YZ when you want to go to SM wheels with oversized rotor. If you have an X, get a caliper from an R, the "wheel ring", and 320mm rotor for your supermoto wheels (you get an added benefit of a 320mm rotor instead of the stock 298?mm); for your dirt wheels, just remove the relocation bracket and have an R rotor on the wheels. That is of course, if the "wheel ring" attaches to an X hub and the YZF relocation bracket works with the R caliper.

Look ! The Dirt rated "X".





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