Ok ok ok...I know this has been done...and done....and done, BUT it's so spread out, I'd have to print it out and mess on and I'm lazy :)

I'm wanting to buy a Panoram, I totalled my clocks last weekend in a 3rd gear somersalt which was painful to say the least LOL!

I am getting LOADS of negative vibes from a UK forum I frequent, No-one has a good word to say about them, there seems to be a BIG issue re battery life and general unit longevity.

What are YOUR experiances, Good/Bad whatever, please just post and let me know

cheers :D

just go for one mate, fair enough my lense has cracked but me thinks thats down to me, and for the money there not that bad, plus they look pretty good.

p.s me got me wheels....andy

Guy, I'll let you know. I just ordered one from the US that a friend is bringing back to Switzerland for me!

:) Cheers Missile, My clocks are def beyond repair :D SO it's either a Panoram or a 3rd wheel! :D

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