426/450 compatability

Hey guys. I know this has been brought up a million times but I need to know if a stock wr450 pipe will fit on my 01 wr426. I have been through previous threads but every one seems to have a different opinion to please only post if you know for sure.

The reason I ask is because I cant take the end cap off the stock 426 exhaust to remove the baffles and Im a litle short on cash for an aftermarket pipe.


The 400s and 426's interchange most stuff...the 450 was a completely new bike, other than the suspension and wheels I doub anything else will fit. The motor and frame are different.

Why can't you take the end cap off? Have you already remaoved the pee shooter? That alone made a huge diffrence on my 426.

If the 450 is from the steel framed era (06' or older), then yes, they are interchangeable, there may be the slightest of modification needed on the rear mount. I took my stocker off of my 04' 450 and mounted it up to my 426.. I had to hog out the bolt hole on the rear mount tab of the pipe about an 1/8'', other than that everything fit nicely:thumbsup:

07' or newer will probably not work on the 426.

Good Luck:ride:

thanks mate. Looking at one on ebay now so Ill find out what year model its from. Jdavisjp, I cant take the end cap off because its welded on and I haven't got any gear to weld it back up with if I cut it to pieces

The end cap on my stock wr426 has three bolts in it that's why I was asking.

Keep us posted on the fit. I just noticed that FMF lists a Q4 for the 400/426. I'm just curious if it is as short as the on for the 03-06. This must be something new, I have never seen this on thier site until last night.

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