Last year for yz426

I am looking at an ad for a 2004 YZ426. I went to the Yamaha web site to see how much a manual would be, the last year that can be selected for a YZ426 is 2002? Is the ad wrong? Could it be a 450 and the guy does not know what he has?

Advise please.

You're correct as to 2002 being the last 426.

The tenth character of the VIN code will tell you what year the seller's bike actually is. For 2001, it's a 1, '02 was a 2, etc. 1998-2000 were W, X and Y. All '03-'05 models were 450's and were 4 speeds. 2000-'02 models were 426's and 5 speeds.

Thanks for the info. I called the guy who was selling the bike. He said, oh, it's a 02 or 03. He did not even know the ad said 2004. I told him I was not interested in the bike. Wow!

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