Tools & Misc maint info.

Who makes the best chain breaker/riveter? , and does anybody have a link for buying one online?

Also do you have to take off the chain to grease up all the swing arm/rear shock linkage? After taking a good look at this it does not seem like you would have to but who am I eh. I also need to buy a lock ring wrench adapter for the steering lock nut- any suggestions here?

Thanks for all the help in advance,


Remove the swingarm and the chain will follow. When installing the swingarm slide the chain around the arm first. (or you can pop the master link clip)

Additionally you will want to purchase a master link compressor tool...the $15.00 one is more than sufficient.

Bonzai :)

You can also get the motion pro chain breaker from and Easier to call their toll free numbers though.

I just used a punch to get the steering head lock ring loose. It doesn't take much, it's not supposed to be torqued much at all, just enough to keep the bearing straight in the race. The triple clamp nut torqued at 105 ft-lbs is what keeps it all together.

Thanks for the info! I was able to grease up all the swing arm/ shock linkage fairly quickly. All the bearings seemed to have plenty of grease but I cleaned them out & re-greased anyways. Now I need to get to the steering bearings!

I have been reading here on TT that the upper steering bearing loses it's grease becuase of heat from the oil washing it down- well my question is has anyone tried to use automotive type "high temp disc brake grease"? This is what I plan on using (a moly type).

Thanks again,


hey Weldpro. Is Susanville still as nice as it was 25 years ago? I grew up there until about the 4th grade. now I live in Mo. and I also border the forest. It is sooooo nice. We have around 160 acres to play on prior to crossing over to forest land and only 5 miles from the established trails :D:D:)

Silkolene RG2 works well for the stem as well as all other pivoting points.

Mr Toyz

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